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Try out

By combining tool development with economic and technical feasibility, tool and equipment procurement and tryout with transition to series production, we can offer complete solutions.

Many years of toolmaking experience and extensive expertise in sheet metal cold forming, combined with our global sourcing capabilities, means that we always offer our customers the best cost/performance ratio with the highest quality standards.

Through the use of a new 2000 t tryout press, larger project packages can be completed on time for a SOP ramp-up.

This tryout press is a 3-fold acting hydraulic press with a table size of 5 metersand a complex multi-point control for slide cushions and drawing cushions in the table.

Supported by our in-house tool service area and our measuring technology, complete familiarisation and tryout projects up to series sampling can also be mapped.

Due to the technical possibilities, forming processes for steel, aluminium and stainless steel up to high-strength and ultra-high-strength, steels can be brought to series production readiness with process reliability.

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