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Relocation Business

VNT Automotive Group has been able to gain a great deal of experience in the relocation market in recent years. VNT can transfer far more than 1,000 articles including the corresponding operating resources to its assembly plant in Hungary, as already carried out for a well-known OEM.

VNT Automotive Group is able to counteract the biggest risk factors in the case of a plant closure or plant relocation in the best possible way with its specially developed expertise:

  1. Security of supply at every single moment of the relocation:
        Guaranteed by self-developed organisation – EDP solutions.
  2. Efficiency advantages: Guaranteed by a comparative business model

VNT is specialised in taking over/transferring commercially unstable suppliers/productions at short notice with the highest security of supply and sustainable customer advantages. The whole relocation process is guaranteed without risk for individual parts with quantities of up to 50,000 pcs. p.a.

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